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WE HELP BUSINESS GROW BY EMBRACING TECHNOLOGY. We provide the best breed of technology solutions and architecture with Silicon Valley-class software development practices.

Our Story

Medical Record Limited (MRL) is a technology company established to deliver products, solutions, and services to Healthcare providers. The product, solution, and services include Electronic Health/Medical Records (EHR/EMR), telemedicine, E-prescribing, referrals, document development, medical transcription, audit tools, and more...........


We comply with informatics standards and specifications described in HL7 and ISO/CEN 13606 standards. Therefore, our products, systems, and services meet the clinical and informatics requirements to facilitate practicing and licensing obligations.

Pratima Acharya, CEO

Our Team

We Get the Job Done Right

Mountain Cliff Hiker

Pratima Acharya, CEO



CO-founder, Lead Engg

Siddhanta Poudel

Senior Developer

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"Quality is not an act, it is a habit"


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